MAV Event Services is committed to providing the best professional service experience for every client every time. No matter the size of the event, our professional team members set a standard of excellence that will enhance your event. We focus on total event safety to ensure that every person at your function feels safe, secure, and comfortable. All MAV Employees must pass a thorough and rigorous background check and complete regular mandatory training.

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MAV Event Services Security Personnel are trained in threat assessment, VIP protection, exterior and interior perimeter security, entry screening, high profile and vulnerable locations. Our team works at sporting events, concerts, conventions, community events, fairs, and much more. MAV Event Services Security team members veterans, former first responders, and experienced large event professionals who train continuously to meet the challenge in the ever-changing world. Our combined years of experience delivering solutions at more than 20,000 events uniquely qualifies MAV Event Services as the premier event services company in the region. MAV Event Services is available 24/7 365 days a year to answer the call and deploy staff.

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MAV Event Services Asset Protection Specialists are trained to assess security threats not matter the venue 24/7. From active construction sites to private venue security, our focus is loss prevention, eliminating trespass, and providing site security. MAV Event Services also delivers effective and robust mobile security solutions for apartment/condo, retail, and commercial complexes across the Treasure Valley.

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MAV Event Services Traffic and Parking staff direct the ingress and egress of motor vehicles in and out of venue locations and parking lots.

They assist with parking and maintain a sense of security within parking areas and venue perimeters. They also address patron questions, emergencies, and parking violations. MAV Event Services Traffic and Parking staff are ATSSA Certified and experienced professionals delivering solutions and executing traffic plans at hundreds of events annually.


MAV Event Services Crowd Managers have the ability to properly and efficiently screen all persons entering a venue, including screening for fake IDs, weapons, and other prohibited items. They are trained in intervention procedures, proper search techniques, and are kept up to date on current laws and crowd management skills through ongoing mandatory training.


MAV Event Services Ushers and Ticket Takers are professionals who interact with customers of all demographics, treating each in a polite and courteous manner. They provide assistance to patrons and make sure safety rules are adhered to. They are trained in the use of scanners and other electronic devices for an efficient and timely ticketing ingress. The goal is to ensure every patron has an efficient, memorable, and positive experience at each event.


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