Event Security

MAV Security Personnel perform the same duties as Crowd Managers, but in addition, are trained in barricade positions, VIP protection, exterior and interior perimeters, high profile and vulnerable locations.

Crowd Management

MAV Crowd Managers have the ability to properly and legally screen all persons, including screening for fake IDs, at various events and venues. They are trained in intervention procedures (TIPS) and proper search techniques, and are kept up to date on current laws and crowd management skills.

Ushering/Ticket Taking

MAV Ushers and Ticket Takers are professionals who interact with customers of all demographics, treating each in a polite and courteous manner. They provide assistance to patrons and make sure safety rules are adhered to. They are trained in the use of scanners for an efficient and timely ingress. Their goal is to ensure every patron has a memorable, positive experience at each event.

Traffic/Parking Service

MAV Traffic and Parking Division staff directs the ingress and egress of motor vehicles in and out of venue parking lots. They assist with parking and maintain a sense of security within parking areas and venue perimeters. They also address patron questions, emergencies, and parking violations.

Uniformed Security

MAV Uniformed Security Officers focus on security within designated areas, venues and corporate buildings. They are trained in maintaining the peace, enforcing local laws and venue policies, and emergency preparedness. Because they are in uniform, their visible presence is a deterrent.