MAV’s Inception

MAV Event Services originated following the 2008 BSU Bronco football season. Due to the success of Bronco Football, Boise State’s Athletic Department saw the need to expand in all other facets of operation in order to maintain the highest level of patron services to the thousands in attendance at every home game.  MAV was given the opportunity to begin a new era.  An era which would continue to help place Boise State, the City of Boise and the Treasure Valley on the map, as a recognizable force.

The first home football game of the 2009 Boise State Broncos was opening night for MAV Event Services. Bronco Stadium held the largest crowd to date, and the Oregon Ducks were in town. The end presented one of the most unforgettable events in NCAA Division 1 history that was caught on national TV between two opposing teammates.  A punch was thrown by an Oregon player that landed on the chin of a BSU player. What happened immediately following was the most critical chain of events that prevented a melee on the blue turf.  MAV employees quickly reacted to the skirmish, diffused it and maintained control of the crowd.  It was INCREDIBLE! Beyond that night we never looked back.

MAV’s Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality crowd management, security, and customer service and to ensure that every event is a positive and safe experience for all.

MAV’s Objective

Our objective is to improve before, during, and following every event chasing the highest standards possible.  MAV employees are chosen because they have the character and demeanor to help meet our objective and assure we continually strive to accomplish our mission.

MAV’s Vision

The sky is the limit as far as the vision for MAV Event Services. Currently we are seeking more opportunities within the Treasure Valley. However, with continued success we hope to be able to expand even further. Our objective is to continue providing great service to clients and to continually seek greater opportunities.